Friday, December 10, 2010


The other night I asked my mother to teach me to crochet again. She taught me when I was younger but I couldn't get the tension right and gave up pretty easy. I can't actually knit in the round, and it seems that with crocheting, doing circular things is no issue at all. I had seen a couple things on the internet recently that I wanted to make that required crocheting. I've been working on one of them, which is actually a pretty quick project. A crocheted produce bag, which I think is a cool thing to work on, because not only does it reduce waste and keep my hands busy (which helps me focus), it also provides a catalyst for conversation about (obviously) the handmade as well as that of waste.

I deviated a bit from the pattern. Here's the link of my inspiration.
I previously had been knitting the mate for this fingerless glove, which I made many years ago and didn't even remember I hadn't completed the other until I went to wear it. It's somehow more difficult to explain what I'm working on when I'm knitting this, but people generally guess the terms right when I'm doing it.

Let's be straight here. People always ask: "are you knitting?" whether I'm embroidering, crocheting, tatting, or actually knitting. I feel like knitting is seen as more of a catch-all term than it actually is.

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