Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Businesses you should patronize

Recently, due to a lack of submissions, I walked around Troy in search of Trojans who do or make things with their hands. Who is more clearly labeled as such than employees and owners of certain businesses?

I have not yet printed the photos, but here is a glimpse at the negatives:

Yes, you are very perceptive...that is slide film. (oops!)

Alright, here all the businesses you should patronize, as their owners or employees were warm, friendly and helpful.

All Brands - Vacuum Cleaners Sewing Machines Sales and Service, (New and Used) 385 4th St, Troy 271-7534

Segel Violins & A Place For Art, Sales & Repair, Gallery & Jewelry, 44 3rd St, Troy 266-9732

Troy Quick Shoe Repair, Est 1908, 81 3rd St, Troy 274-2431

The Paper Sparrow, Handmade goodies for you and yours, 288 River St, Troy 272-7227

Broken Mold Studio, "Where we teach and we throw and we pot," 284 River St, Troy 273-6041

Also, I'm still accepting submissions! Please do contact me!

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